Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring

Commercial environments are diverse and often demanding, meaning you need to best flooring to withstand the location and usage. Industrial flooring is most suited to a variety of commercial situations, such as car showrooms, food manufacture areas, or warehousing, as it is able to withstand high foot fall and machinery operation, along with being chemical resistant. Not only that, it is also incredibly easy to clean. Safety is also paramount in most industrial and commercial settings, which is why our flooring is non-slip, along with being heat, fire and impact resistant. At Grind and Seal, we prepare and install epoxy, polyurethane, self-levelling and specified sealing systems, along with our signature mechanically polished concrete flooring. Not only that, we can also repair and finish any existing industrial concrete flooring you may have installed. Our flooring also comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, meaning your commercial property can look fantastic as well as being safe and durable.



The Benefits of Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring is an ideal solution for commercial circumstances. When considering the costs of industrial flooring, consider the potential costs of operation without a suitable industrial grade floor. Some of the many benefits of industrial epoxy, self levelling, polyurethane, or hiperfloor flooring include:

  • easily be wiped free of dirt and debris
  • are chemical resistant
  • withstand high foot traffic
  • withstand machinery operation
  • improve safety
  • non-slip, heat, fire and impact resistant

Why Grind and Seal?

Grind and Seal are masters of industrial flooring. We prepare and install epoxy, polyurethane, self levelling and specified sealing systems along with our signature mechanically polished concrete such as a hiperfloor for all industrial and commercial applications. Our range of surfaces can be non-slip, heavy duty and wear resistant. Our experts can also repair and finish your existing industrial concrete flooring. We offer a large range of colours when it comes to choosing an epoxy flooring for commercial or industrial floors and we can provide options for non-slip, heat, fire, and impact resistance – Enquire now and speak to one of our concrete polishing and industrial flooring experts.


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