Residential Flooring

Residential Flooring

Polished concrete is fast becoming a favourite flooring choice with interior designers and architects.  The different styles available with polished concrete floors compliment the lifestyle settings of most homes as it can be tailored to suit all tastes and budgets. This is something that small and large builders are quickly becoming aware of, and is something the many home builders and renovators are demanding. The concrete finishes range from a minimum stone exposure matte finish (industrial look) all the way through to the highly polished high gloss full exposure (a more decorative look) – and of course everything in between (for that contemporary look).

Another fabulous feature of polished concrete is that it can allow the design to flow outdoors, giving an overall expansive feel to the area. The client has the choice of mechanically polished concrete for indoors only or a grind and seal finish which is available for indoors or outdoors, to suit the overall look of the home. For a unique touch, polished concrete looks great for bathrooms, walls, around a pool, garages, driveways etc. Furniture and bench tops made from polished concrete are vastly becoming popular as matte finishes and that raw edgy look are now a much desired décor.

Polished concrete floors can give old homes a facelift, as it can breathe new life into an older home. We can do polished concrete on the majority of floors; new or old/existing. The advantage of a new build allows you to select the colour of the cement and the stones, examples are below. However, it is best to speak to one of the friendly Grind and Seal staff early in the process, so we can provide your concreter with the required information and tips for laying the concrete foundation in order to get the best polishing results.