Repairs and Restorations

Concrete Repair

At Grind and Seal we specialise in all types of concrete repair – anything from water damage to patching of cracks and removal of existing concrete sealer and coatings.
If your concrete has been damaged by heavy hail or rain, we can grind this back to remove any damage whether it be the dusting up of the surface or removing large indentations, alternatively we can create a new look for you altogether with the exposure of the stone in the concrete.


Concrete Floor Restoration

If your concrete floor is damaged or looks a little old and run down we can remove any existing epoxy, concrete paint, acrylic or surface damage to restore your concrete floor to its former or new state. There are a number of options available when it comes to reapplying a coating – why not give us a call to discuss your needs.

Our concrete grinding preparation services can be used for multiple purposes. Most commonly when you’re about to install a new flooring solution you may require some grinding to remove existing adhesive or levelling compound. Doing this will ensure your new floor stays firmly secured as the coarse scratch pattern allows then new adhesive to bond correctly, or you may just need some high spots removed so your new floor can be laid flat without hollows or drummy areas.

Our preparation services may include the removal and pulling up of old tiles, carpet, vinyl or timber in preparation for another subfloor. Alternatively, you could have us grind and polish the concrete have this as your final floor finish!