There are a few different brands of mechanically polished floor. One process commonly known is the HiPERFLOOR process which uses products from Husqvarna. This process also comes with a 7 year warranty. Grind and Seal are one of the few skilled contractors in Melbourne and surrounds who that are qualified to produce these types of floors. The team at Grind and Seal pride themselves on giving the best quality service when selected to do your concrete polishing.

HiPERFLOOR; being a mechanically polished process, is the true form of concrete polishing. Meaning that it is the concrete itself that is polished. There is no topical coating that gives it an artificial shin. This allows the natural beauty of the raw materials in the concrete to come to the surface giving the floor a unique decorative look. Due to the process used during this method of polishing and the reinforcing of the densifying materials, it is also one of the most durable and easy to maintain.

Mechanically polished floors are actually the least expensive of all the flooring options as it has a longer life span. Depending on the amount of aggregate/stone you want to have and the desired gloss level, the price does vary, therefore it is best to speak to one of the staff at Grind and Seal who will be happy to help work out the best solution and the finish to suit you and your budget.