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Grind and Seal

The grind and seal method of polished concrete is a more inexpensive way to get that polished concrete look. It is however not technically concrete polishing it is instead concrete grinding and then concrete sealing. It looks like polished concrete because we apply a topical coating to the concrete. There are some cases where this type of polished concrete would be recommended over and above the proper mechanically polished concrete. For example outside areas, or areas that are likely to be subject to water or stains from oil or food. With a grind and seal method we still allow you to choose levels of stone exposure and gloss level of the sealer to create your own stylish finish to suit your home/area. With this method we use a concrete grinder to take off the top layer of concrete to reveal as little or as much aggregate as the customer wants. Some clients like to see full stone exposure so we grind over the floor 2-3 times and take off 5-6mm, some however like the more minimal/random stone exposure look so for this we grind over the floor just once and take of 1-3mm. We then use a finer set of diamonds to remove scratching and get a surface that is suitable for the coating to adhere to. At this point the concrete can be dyed to change the colour and / or grouted for a much smoother surface so that it appears more like a mechanically polished floor. Lastly the floor is finished with a protective sealer. The sealers are available in a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss finish and the price will remain the same no matter which gloss level you prefer. The price will however vary depending on the amount of stone you want to see. Full stone exposure is more labour intensive and therefore costs more than a minimal stone exposure. It is always best to give us a call so that one of our friendly staff can assist you with the process. Why not call the office now on 03 95435252.

How epoxy coatings are applied to the surface

The epoxy coating product consists of a part A and part B – part A is the base material, and part B is the hardener. Mixing the two parts together causes the resins to react and then cure. There are lots of varying types of concrete coatings for various purposes and there are advantages and disadvantages of each. You might want a longer lasting coating, or a fast curing coating. Some people might have a need for a low voc product or chemical resistant coating. It is best to speak to one of our experts in Melbourne so that you ensure you select the appropriate flooring type and have it installed correctly.

Experience and expertise in a wide range of floor coatings and services

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we at Grind and Seal deliver only the best quality of epoxy floors and concrete coatings in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. We don’t just offer epoxy concrete coatings; we deliver concrete grinding, sealing, polished concrete, concrete repairs and restorations, and joint cutting and sealing, just to name a few of our services.

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Mark Ashton

Grind & Seal were really great to deal with and did a great job. Brendan has a great eye for detail. I`m really happy with everything.

Laura Gilham

We got Grind & Seal to do the polished concrete in our home. They were incredibly professional and friendly to deal with during the process and the floor looks amazing – they were not the cheapest, but I think you get what you pay for – and we got top quality for a competitive price. Will definitely be recommending their services.

Craig Harris

Good service, Happy to recommend Grind & Seal. Our floors look a million bucks and came up just so well. Was a difficult job but their experience really showed and they got around all hurdles. We were so impressed. And as our cheapest quote by far we were happy that we got such a good job. Nice team and made the whole process so very easy.

Matt Coleman

Grind and Seal did a terrfific job at our property, we knew in advance of building our new home that we were going to have polished concrete downstairs, therefore we contacted Grind and Seal to speak to them about our job and they liaised with our builder/concretor to ensure that we had a concrete slab with the perfect specifications for what were after!When it came time to complete the work the guys were punctual, friendly and very professional. The place looks fantastic and they were only too happy to appease my wife's needs to inspect the job at every step ...

Karen Exner

Our idea to have a “garden party” theme for Christmas last year sounded great but our old mouldy concrete was an eyesore! Within 2 days the grind and seal team transformed our very drab rear and front yard into magnificent useable entertaining areas with minimal disruption to our lives. We have now decided on polished concrete for our extension to merge the indoor/outdoor living areas. The Grind and Seal Polished Concrete team worked hard to deliver a great result, they provided a quality product in a timely fashion, they are honest & reliable – a refreshing change in this day ...

Jane Vaughan

Anyone who hasn't seen polished concrete before should definitely try it! It looks amazing and is so easy to clean - I totally love it. I got Grind And Seal to come and do my home and they were awesome - lovely guys and were really good at explaining stuff to me. Price was really reasonable and now all my friends are jealoous of my floors! - Thanks Grind & Seal I will be recommending you to everyone although my floor really speaks for itself.

michele layet

The tradesman were very professional. Polite and respectful. My front porch looks fantastic and I keep admiring it. Never to be painted again.I would recommend them to anyone and the guys even painted between my wooden fence posts.Thank you Grind and Seal

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