Gloss Levels

Gloss levels

The three main choices to make when choosing your specific polished concrete floor are:
1. Procedure: Grind and Seal or Mechanically Polished Concrete
2. Exposure: Nil, minimum or full stone exposure
3. Finish: The options available are basically matte, semi-gloss or high Gloss.

Your personal preference is our guide to assisting you in attaining one of many looks that can be achieved with gloss levels to polished concrete floors – the matte finish is used for the more industrial/rustic look which is now being favoured by many interior designers wanting the raw material to work with furnishings and fittings in homes, shops, and other commercial spaces.

The semi-gloss is a popular choice, widely used as it doesn’t show up the dust as much as the high gloss, but still has a beautiful shine. The high gloss is for those who are looking for the wow factor and lends itself to the glamourous, high end areas. Although requiring a bit more maintenance as it can show when the floor is not spotless, this small point is outweighed by the incredible look of high gloss polished concrete finish.

Matte Finish


Semi Gloss Finish


High Gloss Finish