Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings throughout Melbourne

The commonly known epoxy coated floors are now being widely used in industrial and commercial premises, along with residential homes throughout Melbourne and Victoria. The epoxy flooring options are popular for use in areas such as driveways, garages, and outdoor entertaining spaces due to the affordability and the wide scope of applications that it can be used for.

Epoxy floor coating is also growing in popularity compared to other flooring solutions as it has high durability, low maintenance and is resistant to chemicals. Another great feature is the abundance of colour choices available to suit every client.

How epoxy coatings are applied to the surface

The epoxy coating product consists of a part A and part B – part A is the base material, and part B is the hardener. Mixing the two parts together causes the resins to react and then cure. There are lots of varying types of concrete coatings for various purposes and there are advantages and disadvantages of each.

You might want a longer lasting coating, or a fast curing coating. Some people might have a need for a low voc product or chemical resistant coating. It is best to speak to one of our experts in Melbourne so that you ensure you select the appropriate flooring type and have it installed correctly.

Experience and expertise in a wide range of floor coatings and services

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we at Grind and Seal deliver only the best quality of epoxy floors and concrete coatings in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

We don’t just offer epoxy concrete coatings; we deliver concrete grinding, sealing, polished concrete, concrete repairs and restorations, and joint cutting and sealing, just to name a few of our services.

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