At Grind and Seal we can assist you with getting your joints cut and caulked. On most occasions, sealing joints in concrete can prevent stability and durability issues. If joints are left uncaulked they can fill with water, ice and dirt leading to cracking or the concrete sinking.

Concrete Joint Sealing

In order to prolong the life of your concrete, and to ensure it is safely maintained, Grind and Seal provide joint cutting and sealing services. We use Saw Cut Sealant, a specialised epoxy to seal saw cut joints in concrete. This works to support the edges of saw cuts, preventing chipping and allowing for up to 10% joint movement. Not only is it an excellent adhesive, reinforcing joint edges, it is also self-levelling, and provides excellent chemical resistance.

Our joint cutting and sealing services are ideal for factory and warehouse applications, along with working well in food handling and preparation areas, or car parking areas.


Sealing Services

One specialised epoxy used to seal saw cut joints in concrete is Saw Cut Sealant. This provides great benefits to concrete floors, such as support to the edges of saw cuts which helps prevent chipping and withstands up to 10% joint movement. It is an excellent adhesive and reinforcer of joint edges, is self-levelling and has good chemical resistance.


The types of applications this can be used for include: Factory and warehouse floors, Epoxy floor topping joints, Food handling and preparation areas and Car parking areas.

Concrete joint cutting and sealing is incredibly important for maintaining the stability and durability of your concrete flooring. Sealing joints in concrete is necessary in order to prevent water damage and corrosion to the joint, which can cause the loss of structural support. If left unsealed, the joints can fill with water, ice, or dirt, which can lead to concrete cracking or sinking.